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  • Date: September 30, 2021
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What is a Bowflex XTL?

Do you want to get a workout in the comfort of your own home? Do you have little space for the equipment? Do you need something easy on the eyes and not an eyesore in the living room or bedroom?

I am here today to tell you about my experience with Bowflex’s new XTL Home Gym. It has been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself.

This machine is sturdy, sleek, and modern looking- which is precisely what I was going for when searching for a gym that would fit into my tiny apartment.

You can do so many exercises with this machine! The variety makes it fun and challenging every time you use it. And let me be clear: these machines are NOT cheap!

But what you are buying is a gym that will last you for years to come, only getting better every time you use it. So you can build up your strength and endurance without ever needing to go to the gym- because who has time for that?

In this article, I am going to highlight the pros and cons of this machine for you. By the end, you should have a pretty good idea if it’s worth investing in one for yourself.

What Is The Bowflex XTL?

The Bowflex XTL is an excellent piece of exercise equipment for those who are looking to build muscle. It allows you to work out one specific body part and change up your routine with different exercises each day!

If there’s something that interest or excited about fitness, it’ll show in this machine as well because they’ve included everything from cardiovascular rowing, which gets heart rates going without even leaving home (or room), strength training via free weights, which comes complete with bench and other accessories, to their different types of resistance equipment that’s built into the frame.

Either you’re a beginner or advanced, this home gym equipment has it all – literally. It does take up a large amount of space, but not as much as you might think- if that’s something you’re concerned about.

How does it work?

The Bowflex XTL provides a full-body workout because it uses so many muscles at once. As a result, you can choose from one of the many exercise options, which target different muscle groups throughout the body. In addition, there’s an angled bar and lateral tower that allows you to do rows, arm curls/extensions, chest presses, and many other options.

What are some benefits?

– Takes up significantly less space than most other home gyms

– Is very easy to assemble and start using, even for those without a background in fitness.

– Has over 60 different exercises, so it’s hard not to find one that you enjoy doing.

– Comes with an exercise DVD that guides the user through some of the machine’s workouts. The DVD also includes preprogrammed workouts including Total Body Workout; Upper/Lower Body Split Workouts; Cardio Burner Intervals (30 Minutes); Fat Burning Blast (25 Minutes)

What are some limitations? – Bowflex does sell additional pieces such as weight plates and cables for a small fee, but they’re not necessary if you are looking for something cheap.

– Bowflex XLT is great for beginners and those that have been exercising consistently on their own, however, it may be more difficult to progress at the same rate as other home gyms such as the Bowflex Revolution (which has different resistance levels).

What do I think?

Bowflex XTL is a fantastic product because of its versatility and ease of use. It’s perfect for people with limited space in their homes or apartments who still want to work out from home!

The leg press function allows you to work out your legs, glutes, and hips. There is also a T-bar row function which you can use to target muscles in the back. To work the core, there’s a high or low pulley for hanging knee raises or cables that allow you to do crunches.

The vertical knee raise is perfect for working out your abs- one of my favorite parts about the Bowflex XTL! Lastly, you can use the machine to train your arms with the reverse cable grip pull-down function.

Best of all, there are no limits to the number of muscle groups you can target on each function- which makes this a full-body workout instead of just focusing on one part at a time.

What areas of the body does Bowflex XTL Home Gym Target?

Now that we know how this gym works, we need to understand how certain functions target different muscles and what they’re used for.

You can train your Chest.

Chest exercises are essential because the pectoral muscles are responsible for protecting your shoulders and supporting movements of your arm. In addition, they’re imperative to work out because it’s one of the most used muscles in your body.

With the Bowflex xtl home gym, you can do incline and flat bench presses; one of my favorite exercises is to work out the Chest!

You can do a Leg Workout.

Legs are one of the most critical parts of your body to train because they are used in almost every activity you do. Without proper leg strength, it can affect your balance which can lead to various injuries over time.

You’ll have the option to do leg press and leg curls, which are both great for building up your lower half. If you want to target your glutes and hips, you can do a leg press with an open or closed foot position.

You can work out various Arm Muscles.

I love how there are so many arm workouts you can do on the Bowflex XTL! It’s essential to train your arms because they’re responsible for almost everything you do- even if that’s something simple like waving at someone. The resistance of the Bowflex XTL is perfect for training upper body strength.

You have reverse grip pulldowns for working out your biceps and different types of grips that you can use to target your forearms. There are also some exercises where you can work out both arms simultaneously, which is excellent to save time.

You can train your Back.

Your Back is one of the most important muscle groups for your posture, so it’s something you should train with the Bowflex power pro XTL. The seated cable back extension is a great way to work out your lower back muscles.

If you want to target the middle and upper part of your Back, you can use one of the high or low pulley exercises for lat pulldowns. There are also different types of reverse grip options- which is a great way to reduce the amount of stress you put on your shoulders.

You can use this gym to do a Full Body Workout.

The Bowflex XTL has so many functions that it can be used for a full-body workout instead of just focusing on one area. It’s so easy to switch from one position to another, which is perfect for increasing the intensity of your workout. You can use this gym to train all your muscle groups, so it’s a great way to sculpt and tone your body!

The power rods add resistance to your workout.

Power rods are the secret weapon in the Bowflex xtl. They add additional resistance, which means you can work out with heavier weights and increase the intensity of your sessions. Plus, it’s a gradual increase- which means you won’t be able to lift as much weight initially compared to when you’re more advanced.

Pros and Cons of the Bowflex XTL

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Bowflex power pro xtl home gym.


Save Money

You can save money by using the Bowflex xtl at home- which is very convenient if you’re on a strict budget. Most gyms have a monthly fee, whereas the Bowflex xtl only requires additional storage space.

Easy to Assemble

The Bowflex xtl is very easy to assemble- it will take you less than three hours! You can set up this gym in your garage or at home, even if that means you’ll need to move some of your stuff around so the XTL can fit.

Easy to Use

This gym is very user-friendly; you don’t need any special equipment to use it, which means you’ll get started right away! All you have to do is adjust the power rods and start your workout. There are also different color-coded settings that you can use to figure out how much weight you should lift.

You Can Customize Your Workout

The Bowflex xtl allows you to take control of your workouts because it has so many features! For example, the leg press and rowing machine mean that you’re able to do a full-body exercise instead of just focusing on one muscle group.

You Get All the Workouts in One Machine

You can do so many exercises on the Bowflex xtl, which is excellent if you want to save time! You can use this home gym for building strength and sculpting your body. The power rods add resistance which means that you’ll train with heavier weights, so you’ll get a better workout.


The Price tag

Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget for a Bowflexxtl. Maybe because they have to save up their money to pay off student loans or other debts- which means this home gym might be out of their price range. Plus, storage space can be an issue if you’re living in a studio apartment.

You Need to be Fit

If you have health issues or are overweight, this gym isn’t for you because it might cause injury. You should only try out the Bowflexxtl if you have basic levels of fitness- which means being able to do squats and lunges.

You Need Space for Storage

The Bowflex xtl is a pervasive piece of equipment, so you need to have space for storage. Before purchasing the XTL, you should measure your home and determine if it can fit in one room- which means you’ll need to clear some space away from existing furniture. 

Bowflex is an authority on home gyms, and the XTL is their best-selling product. The price tag could make an interested customer doubt its worth, but it can still be a good investment and provide you with a steady workout routine without having to go to the gym.


How much weight does the Bowflex XTL have?

The Bowflex XTL has 210 pounds of weight. With this amount of weight, you’ll be able to challenge yourself and keep track of your progress.

Does Bowflex have a warranty?

Yes! They offer lifetime coverage on the power rods. You can even call customer service if you have any questions about the warranty.

Can I train with a partner?

You can train with a partner on the Bowflex XTL. This home gym has multiple attachments, so you’ll have lots of fun working out together!  

Is Bowflex XTL Good?

The Bowflex XTL is good because it gives you the impression that you’re using a gym at home. You can train with heavy weights without worrying about size or having to make room for lots of equipment! This home workout machine is very user-friendly and easy to use.

Final Thoughts on the Bowflex XTL

If you want to look and feel better without spending a fortune, the Bowflex XTL Home Gym may be for you. It is easy to use no matter your fitness level or space constraints at home.

The machine targets many different areas of the body with its various exercises, which means it can act as your entire gym if needed.

You’ll get all the workouts in one machine! Whether you’re looking for cardio, strength training, toning or stretching, this will do it all for you, so there’s never an excuse not to work out again.

We hope you enjoyed this Bowflex XTL review and that you can use it to help you determine if the machine is a good fit for your home gym needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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